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MMIC- Technologie

Powermodul in MMIC Technologie

Figure 1: GaAs-MeSFET Powermodul in MMIC Technologie

MMIC- technology (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) is a semiconductor process technology. It can be used to obtain active elements on the same silicon substrate. These circuits can be used up to very high frequencies.

GaAs-MESFETs are more often used by radar sets in solid-state high power amplifiers.

Technologyuse areastateremarks
Silicium- bipolar and CMOS<6 GHzVery mature, commercially available, good CAD support.BJT: high amplifications, small tolerances, Silicium substratum: dielectric with high losses. Very high mask costs for custom-designed MMICs. Suitable for mixedly analog/digital wirings.
Silicium-Germanium- bipolar (Si-Ge)<10 GHzIn short time on high level developed. CAD support is under construction.Very complex and expensive process. Suitable for mixedly analog/digital wirings.
GaAs-MESFET<10 GHzMature, commercial well available for custom-designed MMICs. Good CAD support.Simple technology: economical for custom-designed wirings with small quantities. Suitable for high power amplifiers.
GaAs-hetero-bipolar transistors (HBT)<20 GHzIn commercial introduction. CAD support is under construction.Suitable for fastest digital circuits, oscillators and power amplifiers.
Indium-phosphid- HEMT (InP)<100 GHzIn commercial introduction. CAD support is under construction.InP-HEMT: best microwave qualities for small signals and low noise.
Indium-phosphid-HBT (InP)<230 GHzIn commercial introduction.Suitable for fastest digital circuits.

Table 1: Overview MMIC- Technologies (with the state of 2003)